Around the World in Eighty Days

By ( Jules Verne, ) Paper Mill Press

Pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime in this extraordinary tale full of twists and cliffhangers. The story follows Phileas Fogg, a wealthy and eccentric Englishman who bets the members of the Reform Club that he can travel across the globe in just eighty days. With a hefty wager on the line, Phileas immediately sets out to make his mark, travelling through exotic lands and overcoming dangerous obstacles in a race against the clock. Deemed one of Verne's most acclaimed works, Around the World in Eighty Days is a fast-paced adventure fiction novel that will live on in the imaginations of readers for generations to come.

14.00 $

Format: Hardcover | 234 Pages
Edition: Paper Mill Press
ISBN: 9781774021729
Language: English
Cover: Cartoné
Publication date: 2019
Weight: 0.2
Author: Jules Verne,

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