Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

By ( Jules Verne, ) Paper Mill Press

Widely recognized as Verne's greatest literary work, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea presents one of the most alluring adventure tales of all time. The story follows French oceanographer Pierre Aronnax and his assistant, Conseil, on an expedition organized by the US Navy to hunt down an unidentified sea monster. 

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After months of tireless searching, the crew finally encounters the elusive monster but is thrown overboard during the attack. Much to their surprise, the monster turns out to be a futuristic submarine led by the mysterious Captain Nemo. The adventurers join Captain Nemo on the journey of a lifetime where they discover a vast undersea forest, coral graveyards, and the sunken ruins of Atlantis. With timeless themes and unforgettable characters, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea remains a popular favorite among children and adults.

Format: Hardcover | 501 Pages
Edition: Paper Mill Press
ISBN: 9781774021712
Language: English
Cover: Cartoné
Publication date: 2019
Weight: 0.5
Author: Jules Verne,

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